Server administration

Remote administration of servers

Minimum reaction time

The ability to solve technical issues promptly.

Best specialists

For more than 5 years we are engaged in setting up and in the administration of servers. We can safely say that we know almost everything about it.

Saving of resources

There is no need for emergency visits, payment of overtime, spending resources on the road.

Technological innovation

We provide with high speed and stability of your equipment, due to the latest technologies and developments.

Smart management

Your equipment is always under the control of specialists and is serviced for every request.

IT outsourcing

This is a complex set of operations that Prohoster is ready to perform quickly, efficiently for you.

IT outsourcing services, system administration services

Professional and specialized company ProHoster, offers its customers the service of remote system administration.
Currently, there are several options for server administration, physical (with the direct participation of the administrator in the configuration and management of the server) and remote support of web servers (in this case, working on the configuration and management of the server is carried out by using the network, so said the Internet or local via special secure communication channels (KVM/SSH).
This decision is advantageous for many, namely:

  • Total location independence

The administration specialist and the equipment itself can be located in completely different parts of the world. However, this does not affect the efficiency of the server installation and configuration.

  • High speed reaction in case of an emergency

The web server administrator will respond quickly and fix the problem.

  • Possibility of providing service at any time

Regardless of the time of day, it is easy to configure windows, linux server, or any other hardware without any hardships.

System administration in the ProHoster company

Our professional company ProHoster offers its customers high-quality and remote server service. Our solution offers many benefits for you, but namely:

  • Minimum reaction time

Regardless of what operations you need to perform, our expert will quickly solve the technical issue without any delays, whether it is web server support, remote router configuration, network administration, or any other emergency situation.

  • Great savings of time/money/effort

The system administrator service is very popular, since as a result of choosing it you will save a lot. You don’t need to go anywhere, rush somewhere, or spend your time on maintaining servers.

  • Smart management

Entrusting IT outsourcing to the professional ProHoster company, you don’t have to worry about the performance and quality of the equipment. Our specialists are always controlling the situation.

  • Qualified and experienced staff

IT outsourcing service from the company ProHoster is a professional solution to the problem associated with the administration of equipment. The specialists of our company, for over 5 years, have professionally engaged in the outsourcing of IT services.

  • Applying new technology

We use the most modern facilities for the IT structure maintenance.

  • The ability to service almost any equipment

Thanks to us, you can order the administration of sql servers, virtual servers, computer configuration, as well as other related services.
IT outsourcing is a complex set of operations that ProHoster is ready to perform for you quickly and efficiently, but namely:

  • Administration of linux servers.
  • Administration of Windows servers.
  • Remote configuration of the equipment.
  • Setting up connection to the server.

And other services required to maintain, diagnose and provision of efficiency for your structure.
At ProHoster you can order IT outsourcing services right now.

The cost of administration is 20$/hour.