Website check for viruses

Check for the presence of the website in blacklists

Constant check of each website its presence in blacklists such as Google Safe Browsing and Yandex Safe Browsing.

Automatic website treatment

Automatic treatment of the infected website files from the detected viruses and threats with high accuracy.

Constant check of the website for viruses and vulnerabilities

The website is constantly being checked for attacks, intruders, viruses, backdoors, malicious files and potentially dangerous codes.

Firewall for the website

Constant protection of the website from various threats and XSS/SQL injections. Minimizes suspicious activity on your website, increases its security, protects the data and makes it difficult to hack.

Automatic website scan for viruses and threats

How to ensure the security of the Internet resource and the users who visit it? It is necessary to choose a competent service that will offer the best anti-virus scan of the website. ProHoster is exactly that, and it guarantees the best conditions for its customers.

ProHoster – secure website check for viruses

To ensure the highest level of security, websites hosted on the hosting ProHoster, are constantly checked online for malicious software. Our company uses the most “advanced” anti-viruses that meet modern security requirements, such as:
Virusdie Antivirus

This software is one of the most convenient to use. At the same time, it is characterized by the high speed website checks, as well as the treatments.
The main features of the Virusdie antivirus is the removal of the infected files, and if there is damage, then it recovers it by adding important snippets into the files code.
This software easily provides protection against “pests” such as redirects, backdoors, shells, Trojans, malicious PHP codes and many others.
Virusdie antivirus is an ideal tool for the security of an Internet resource, that is offered by ProHoster.
Maldet Antivirus

Its main purpose is to provide security for Linux platform website. Thanks to an elaborate shell, this antivirus can easily find malicious files such as spam bots, Trojans, web shells and many others.
Maldet is an antivirus that scans the website code on its own database.
Such antiviruses will keep everything calm and will guarantee the safety of customers who own Internet resources on the hosting from ProHoster.

4 main reasons to choose this service on ProHoster

1. Check the website for blocked lists. In ProHoster, there is a constant website check for blacklists from Google and Yandex.
2. Auto-healing of the Internet resource. A high level of treatment efficiency and speed is guaranteed.
3. Firewall for the website. The client’s Internet resource is constantly monitored and protected from various threats.
4. Constant monitoring of the Internet resource. The client’s website is being checked for the actions of intruders, viruses and much more.

Use the hosting service from ProHoster right away.