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New article: Review of the Xiaomi 14 Pro smartphone: we will now live in a new way

At the beginning of winter, “Xiaomi Seasons” opened on 3DNews. It just so happened that the Xiaomi 13T Pro and Xiaomi 14 Pro, which were released with a significant gap, ended up with us almost simultaneously - and we simply could not miss both models. Probably the best sub-flagship of the year and the brand's flagship, for the first time without MIUI, are a very sweet couple. About Xiaomi 13T Pro […]

Godot Engine 4.2 released

Godot Engine 4.2 is out with AMD FSR 2.2 and many new features. Godot Engine is an open source game engine. What's new in Godot Engine 4.2: AMD FSR 2.2 support; support for forced integer scaling, ensuring that no matter the aspect ratio you get a square pixel grid without distortion; baking the navigation mesh for 2D, allowing […]

MTS began testing its own analogue of YouTube - the NUUM video platform

MTS has announced the start of open beta testing of the new user video platform NUUM, which is an analogue of YouTube. Anyone wishing to take part in testing can do this in the web version of the service or through mobile applications for Android and iOS. The full launch of the video platform should take place next year. Image source: PixabaySource: 3dnews.ru

Hare systems programming language now supports OpenBSD

The Hare programming language, which is touted as a system programming language similar to C but simpler than C, has added support for the OpenBSD operating system. OpenBSD was the first new platform added to Hare since the project was published in April 2022 (Hare initially only supported Linux and FreeBSD). The Hare compiler has been ported to OpenBSD for about a year […]

SK hynix captured almost 50% of the server RAM market

Omdia analysts recently found that SK hynix's share of the overall DRAM memory market has already reached 35% and is not so far from the position of leader Samsung Electronics, which holds 39,4%. If we look at the server memory market separately, SK hynix has already surpassed its main rival, occupying 49,6% of the segment in the third quarter and leaving Samsung […]