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Software Ispmanager - a commercial web hosting control panel allows you to manage software such as a web server, database server, mail server and other related programs through a web interface.

Control panel provides you with a fast, secure and convenient way to remote control servers and hosting using everyday tools like web terminal, text editor, file manager and others. Buying a control panel you can easily manage domains, sites and mail even without special administration skills, a large set of functions will also be available: choosing PHP and MySQL versions, setting up backups and delimiting rights for users.

Benefits of Ispmanager Control Panel

Free panels

Before buying a control panel, apart from the demo version, you have the opportunity to install the panel in test mode with a number of restrictions depending on the panel.


Low prices

To date, ProHoster provides hosting and server control panels at the best price, since we are an official partner.

Free installation

We provide free installation and basic setup of panels on your server or hosting. Having bought the panel, you can immediately get to work.


Convenient panel

All panels are easy to manage and with an intuitive interface, you do not have to learn the terminal to work with the server.

Free installation!

We will install the product purchased from us for free in 1 hour!



Ispmanager - a panel for managing your web server, which allows you to manage services, directories and server processes through a web interface. By using Ispmanager you can manage users, mailboxes, databases, etc. You can also install PHP certificate components, SSL, and a backup remote server or its directory.

1 month1 year
Ispmanager 6 Lite
7.00 USD 77.00 USD
Ispmanager 6 Pro
14.00 USD153.00 USD
Ispmanager 6 Host
21.00 USD230.00 USD
Ispmanager 6 Business
28.00 USD306.00 USD