Purchase a web hosting and server control panel

ISPmanager software product — commercial web hosting control panel that allows you to manage software such as web server, database server, mail server and other related programs through a web interface.

The control panel provides you with a fast, secure and convenient way to remotely manage servers and hosting, just by using the everyday tools such as web terminal, text editor, file manager and others. By purchasing the control panel, you can easily manage domains, websites and mail, even without any special administrative skills, as well as that, a large set of functions will also be available such as: the choice of versions of PHP and MySQL, configure backups and differentiation of rights for users.

Advantages of the control panel from the ISPsystem

Free panels

Before purchasing the control panel, in addition to the demo version, you have the opportunity to install the panel in the test mode with a number of restrictions depending on the panel.

Low prices

Up to this day, the company ProHoster provides hosting control panels and servers at the best price, because we are the official partner of the ISPsystem.

Free installation

We provide free installation and basic configuration of panels on your server or hosting. By purchasing the panel, you can immediately get to work.

The convenient control panel

All panels from the ISPsystem are easy to manage and with an intuitive and understandable interface, where you won’t need to study the terminal in order to work with the server

Free installation!

In just 1 hour we will install the product that was purchased from us for absolutely free!

ISP manager

ISP manager is a panel for managing your web server that allows you to manage services, directories, and server processes through a web interface. With the ISPmanager, you can manage users, mailboxes, databases, etc. As well as that, you can also install PHP certificate components, SSL, and a backup remote server or its catalog.

1 month1 year
ISPmanager 5 Lite
(demo | download)
3.5 USD 35 USD
ISPmanager 5 Business
(demo | download)
10.7 USD 106 USD
ISPmanager — free version is ideal for familiarization with the product for 14 days.

IP manager

IP manager – a panel for managing your IP addresses, and it also provides with the ability to automatically assign IP addresses to your servers, and products. As well as that, you will be able to freely assign subnets to your customers, and then they will be allowed to order additional IP addresses from the control panel. All of this without leaving your website!

1 Месяц1 Год
IPmanager 5
(demo | download)
8 USD 47.5 USD
IPmanager free version allows you to create 2048 IP addresses.

DNS manager

DNS manager – is a control panel of the DNS accesses, it allows you to add records to the DNS for all of your domain names. Due to the wide choice of modules, cPanel, Cloudflare, Plesk, etc. It is the ideal solution for each provider of web hosting services all around the world.

1 Месяц1 Год
DNSmanager 5
(demo | download)
8 USD 47 USD
DNSmanager free version allows you to manage 50 domain names.

DCI Manager

DCI manager – is a panel for managing a large number of dedicated servers, that allows you to control the entire infrastructure of the data center, and it makes it possible to remotely reboot the server and collect all of the data regarding the traffic and the loads. Full control and automation of your servers, backup, OS installations, etc.

1 Месяц1 Год
DCImanager 5
(demo | download)
10.7 USD 106 USD
DCImanager 5 Enterprise
(demo | downdoal)
56 USD 555 USD
DCImanager the free version allows you to connect 5 servers.

VM manager

VM manager is a panel for managing virtualization, the panel is designed to reduce the cost of hardware, and it also simplifies the distribution of administrative tasks. VM manager panel includes a large set of functions, thanks to which the fault-tolerant clusters are created.

1 Месяц1 Год
VMmanager 5 OVZ
(demo | download)
7.1 USD 106 USD
VMmanager 5 KVM
(demo | download)
7.1 USD 70.5 USD
VMmanager 5 Cloud
(demo | download)
70 USD 710 USD
VMmanager free version allows you to create 2 virtual machines, 5 nodes and assign 16 GB of RAM.

BILL manager

BILL manager is a panel for managing the workspace of employees and suppliers, it is easy to use and set up. Thanks to the flexible rights configuration system, you can provide different levels of access to the administrators, marketers, and account managers. BILL manager is an excellent solution for reselling hosting services, domains, SSL certificates and various services.

1 month1 year
BILLmanager 5 Advanced
(demo | download)
10.7 USD 106 USD
BILLmanager 5 Corporate
(demo | download)
42.5 USD 425 USD
BILLmanager the free version allows you to use up to 50 client accounts.