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Creating your own website from scratch is simple. With the free website builder from ProHoster

A simple platform for creating websites

To create a project with the help of our online website builder, you do not need to get web developers involved. You can choose a template and change everything in it any way that you want.

Best website builder

No matter what you are doing whether it is art, sports, organization of events or education, we have more than 190 types of website templates for every taste.


In order for a website to be popular, it is simply enough to just add meta tags to the description of the web pages.


In order to make your resource convenient and modern, it is simply enough to install the necessary plugins: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, VK and more.


Internet hosting from our company is available at any time of the day and is reliably protected from DDoS attacks. As well as that, our experts are always ready to help you out.

Creating a website for free

All customers who have ordered our hosting, receive the opportunity to create a website starting from a single page to an entire online store for absolutely free.

Create your website for free

Create your own website from scratch without any costs and special skills

The free platform for creating websites from ProHoster offers its clients an up-to-date solution for those who have planned to create and host a website such as their own Internet resource of any type, create websites of any complexity with the help of our builder.
Online website builder ProHoster includes a large amount of opportunities for everyone who decided to visit our website and use it, and in particular:

  • Simplicity

It is very easy to create the first website with the company ProHoster, thanks to the convenient and professional panel.

Our simple web simple website builder offers a rich selection of templates. Thanks to it, you can create a one-page website, a website for different school topics, a website to sell different products, online store, or any other type. A wide range of offers are available for you to choose from.

  • 190 templates

If you have decided to create a website with the help of a free builder, then by choosing us, you will not need to look for developers, designers, programmers, copywriters and other professionals working in this field. The best website builder ProHoster offers to choose any kind of template out of the 190 varieties.

  • A large amount of useful plugins

The website builder ProHoster offers one to install modern plug-ins for communication with social networks and video websites such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Vkontakte and many others. This is a very useful solution for those who have different group on social media networks or a blog on the different video websites.

  • High reliability level

If you are planning on creating a website by yourself by using our website builder, you receive protection from various DDoS attacks. This is important, in order to ensure the stability of the resource and the complete safety of the available data.

Try it out, and see how easy it is to create a website by yourself

More than 190 already made templates. The interface is understandable to everyone. Responsive and simple design. Thought through optimization system for search engines.

Easy creation of a website for free, all thanks to ProHoster

Online website builder for free – create your own website by yourselfCreating a site yourself is simple, using the site builder from ProHoster you can create as simple one-page sites (Landing Page) you can also easily create an online store for free. The platform for creating a site in Russian offers you all the necessary amenities and tools for work, namely:

  • Large amount of modules

It doesn’t matter whether you need a free business card website, a single page or any other resource, you can install additional modules such as text, music, to display photos, video files, maps and more. Not a single modern competitive resource can go without it.

  • Lack of advertising and hidden fees

If you decide to create your own website on our builder, you do not need to worry about any “downfall”. You are not paying anything, and you receive a large amount of tools.

  • Support of 45 languages

This is the best solution for those who decided to create a multilingual website.

  • Adaptive design

Our builder of landing pages or any other resource, allows you to make a website that will be adequately displayed on any digital device such as smartphone, tablet, laptop or any other.

How to create your own website for free?

Video instructions – How to create a website for free in just 5 minutes

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Landing Page construction for free

Landing Page when translated is a single page that is designed with a single focused purpose, or a call to action. A well-designed landing page can significantly increase conversions for your marketing company. A landing page is great for advertising or for email marketing, as it directs potential customers, who are already interested in your product right in your campaign.

Perfect builder to create a Landing page

Create an optimized Landing page with the ability to track conversion. Know whether your landing page will convert visitors to potential customers. In the website builder, when developing a Landing page, you can: add your own logo and images, create an individual Landing page form with predefined standard fields or your own custom fields for network visitors.

Thanks to the flexible builder, you can instantly make changes directly on the website. We provide the best landing page builder so you won’t need to study and figure out something new or hire a web developer in order to make changes on the website.

Integration of third-party services

Our website builder also has the integration of various services such as Google, Yandex, as well as various payment systems available. All of this is in one builder, with all of the necessary settings of your website in just a few clicks.

Online website builder allows you to:

  • To control the blocks of text and images;
  • To create a gallery;
  • Include videos from Youtube;
  • To insert a Google map and direct a point onto them;
  • Set up a payment via PayPal;
  • Embed a music video;
  • Insert Flash animations;
  • Add Google AdSense;
  • Insert social media likes;
  • Share the page on social media networks;
  • Insert the Skype status with a transitions to Skype;
  • Embed your HTML code;
  • … and much more!