Affiliate program from ProHoster

Reselling, affiliate network ProHoster

Free control panels

For all our resellers, we provide completely ready-made and free solutions for doing business automatically.


Ease of use

All you need is to sell services and earn $, and we take care of all the technical issues.


Domains by cost

All domain prices for resellers are given at cost. The cost of registering and renewing domains is one of the cheapest on the market.


200+ reseller services

Domain registration in 600+ domain zones, hosting, virtual and dedicated servers, SSL certificates, control panels and many other services.

Affiliate program

By joining the ProHoster affiliate program, you get a percentage of each client order that came through your affiliate link. Just tell your friends, acquaintances, website visitors and social network subscribers about ProHoster. Your earnings can add up quickly.

Why Join the ProHoster Affiliate Program?

Your success is our success as well. We care deeply about our relationships with all of our partners, which is why we have invested in a range of tools and strategies to increase your earning potential.

Benefits of partnering with ProHoster:

  • Reselling only quality services with maximum stability and performance.
  • Low prices from our company, which will allow you to get the maximum income. For resellers, we provide a 10% discount on hosting and virtual servers, and 5% on all other services.
  • The ISP Bill manager billing panel allows you to add our billing rates to your billing, which will save a lot of time when building a tariff scale for your company.
  • Freedom in decisions, you can build your business the way you see it.
  • Possibility to present the billing panel to your customers under your own brand.
  • The ability to provide customers with our administration: free basic or additional paid hourly.
  • Completely ready website and billing system for your business.
  • Everything is automated for the convenience of your work.

Also, in addition to the affiliate reseller program, we provide an affiliate referral program, namely: You can attract customers and receive 5% of their purchases to your account.

Hosting Reseller

Reseller hosting refers to the business of setting up your own web hosting with tools and services that you resell from larger hosting companies. You focus on sales and basic support, leaving the routine maintenance of servers, software and bandwidth to our company's specialists.

Domain reselling

Our company ProHoster offers you to build a business selling domains. We support over 600+ different domain zones. After registration, you get a completely ready-made partner site for reselling domains. Anything you need:

  • — connect your payment systems
  • - customize your website the way you like it
  • - set prices for domains


  • 600+ domain zones
  • Ready partner and client site on your domain
  • Low and pleasant reseller prices
  • Full control of your site and your customers
  • White Label System
  • Reseller WHOIS data for .com and .net domains
  • Using your own branded NS servers
  • Ready-made API for working with your site

What you need to know about the referral program from ProHoster:

  • Easy to use: in order to start receiving income, your referral only needs to register using the link that you will find in our billing, in the appropriate section, and start spending money.
  • Convenient withdrawal: After earning an amount of $10 or more on referrals, you get the opportunity to withdraw the earned money to WMZ, Yandex wallet, or in any other way at the discretion of the accounting department. Monthly payments are credited at the beginning of the next month. You can request a withdrawal at any time convenient for you.
  • Quality: Your referrals only buy stable and productive services, no one will complain that you recommend bad services.
  • How to attract a client: In order for a client to start using the services through your referral link, you just need to place an advertising banner or write a recommendation on your site, send an email to your friends, acquaintances or clients, perhaps at the moment someone needs such services. You can also tell about us on your personal pages on social networks or on thematic forums.
  • Informativeness: You can find out how much funds and from whom you received them in a special billing section.

Partners are not allowed:

  • - Create, place, send advertising information about the ProHoster company, violating the law.
  • - Register using your referral link on your own to receive money from your expenses.
  • - Advertise ProHoster on sites prohibited by law.
  • - Forcibly redirect customers from your sites to your referral link.

In order to start reselling domains, register on our website and replenish your account with a purely symbolic amount of $100, which you can then spend on ordering services.