Lease of an IP address

IP address is a unique network address of a node in a computer network that is based on the TCP/IP Protocol stack.
We are offering you to purchase a dedicated IP address from our PA network. Using the IP address rental service you will receive support and configuration of all objects in the RIPE NCC database, and your network will be registered in the RIPE NCC database.

IP address for a hosting or server

A dedicated IP address for hosting will provide with a unique IPv6/IPv4 that cannot be accessed by any other account that is on the same server. Dedicated IP address for a hosting is an ideal solution when you need to obtain direct access to your website, and when the DNS records are changed.

Why are dedicated IP addresses needed

dedicated IP address may be needed for many reasons.

Direct access  — thanks to a unique dedicated address, you can view your website through the IP address of the hosting or receive access to your website files via FTP or a web browser.
DNS update — When you update the DNS services of your domain name, your website becomes unavailable for a period of up to 24 to 48 hours. This can cause significant problems if you need to use the FTP or view the changes. Thanks to the unique address (dedicated), you can easily transfer content and browse the website. To do so, simply enter a dedicated IP address into your web browser and your website will become available.

Advantages of renting IPv6 and IPv4

Renting IPv6/IPv4 is very reliable and secure, most domain names share one IP address with hundreds of other websites. Therefore, because of one problematic domain name all of the others can suffer. Some search services and Internet service providers block IP addresses, and later all of the other websites suffer. With a dedicated IP address, you can avoid such problems that are associated with sharing an IP addresses with other users.

The main essence of an IP rent service for clients of the ProHoster company

Professional and highly qualified company ProHoster offers easy and fast purchase of an IPv4 address. If you are planning to rent an IP addresses from our company for a long period of time, you receive an additional bonus in the form of a decent discount. Thanks to the professional company ProHoster, you can purchase cheap IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and receive everything that you need in order to solve your problems.

NetmaskNumber of IP addressesNumber of /24 blocksMinimum periodCost of the network
/2425611 month100$
/2351221 month200$
/22102443 monthа400$
  • Relevance of renting an IP address

During the birth of the world wide web, developers have recorded a certain number of IP addresses for various purposes – about 4 billion. However, the world is home to about 7 billion people, and the number of people who want to use the Internet is growing every single day. With that being said, the developed Internet system such as routers, and to support them many IP addresses are needed. That is why, such a service is so relevant these days.

  • Receive the IPv6 at the ProHoster company

Professional and specialized organization ProHoster, has all of the necessary variety of opportunities for the allocation of PA network IPv6 addresses from our unit. If you are interested in this, we offer you a network for the issuance of 2 million addresses. This is more than enough in order to organize the network operation. You will not pay for the month, and just once a year for the renewal with the most convenient and best terms.

Prices for obtaining a PA network IPv6 addresses

Our company has the ability to allocate PA network IPv6 addresses from its own unit. We can provide with a network /48 (which is about 2 million addresses) to everyone who want to, which is more than enough for the organization of a working network. There are no monthly payments for the IPv6, and instead, just one annual payment for the network renewal.

Network maskNumber of IP addressesMinimum periodNetwork cost
Network /48 IPv62^80 addressesyear125$/year
Network /32 IPv610^28 addressesyear1000$/year