US servers (New York)

USA server rental: New York

We provide services for server rental in the USA, our servers are in New York data centers with a high level of protection and availability.

Full server management

Each server is provided with IPMI with "Administrator" rights free of charge.



The main advantage of dedicated servers hosted in the USA is not only the physical, but also the legal protection of your data.

High Uptime

Fast and continuous operation, reliability of the dedicated channel is guaranteed by the professional equipment that our company uses.


Full IPv6 support

Dedicated servers have full IPv6 support for faster and more reliable Internet connections.

USA Dedicated Servers: New York

Dedicated servers in New York, it is the ideal solution for businesses that need maximum power and control over their resources. We provide dedicated servers with fast and stable performance, guaranteeing the safety and reliability of your data.

Placement country - USA


65per month

  • CPU: Xeon E3-1230v2/v3
  • HDD: 2x250GB SSD
  • RAM: 32Gb
  • PORT: 100Mb / s
  • IPv4: 1
  • Panel: Without panel
Placement country - USA


122.5per month

  • CPU: Xeon E-2xxx 4/6x3.5
  • HDD: 2x500GB NVMe
  • RAM: 64Gb
  • PORT: 100Mb / s
  • IPv4: 1
  • Panel: Without panel

Dedicated servers in the USA with maximum productivity and control over your resources, allowing you to focus on growing your business. We offer dedicated servers based on modern components to meet the needs of any business. Server rental in America can be an excellent choice for those who are looking for alternative markets to host their data, this can be done on servers in Miami, los angelos, Chicago, Seattle.

Dedicated servers in New York

New York is one of the most important and most developed cities in the world and is home to many large companies and organizations. If you are looking for a place to server rental in the USA, then New York is one of the best options because it has a wide infrastructure and fast Internet access.

Rent a dedicated server in New York is one of the most popular ways to ensure high performance and fast access to your data. Our dedicated servers located in the center of New York, which provides quick access to your data from anywhere in the world. We offer a flexible tariff system that allows you to choose the best option for any business.

Why Servers in New York?

Our company offers lease of dedicated servers in New York, which provide high performance and fast access to your data. New York is one of the most popular cities for accommodation servers in the USA, since it is located on the coast of the Northeastern United States, which provides quick access to Europe and Asia. In addition, New York has many large communication channels, which ensures a reliable and fast connection.

Choosing dedicated server in New York, you can be sure that you will get access to powerful servers with high speed and performance, secure your data and manage server resources to the fullest.

If you are looking for a reliable server location and New York City is the city that suits your requirements, please contact us. Our team is ready to help you choose the most suitable server and ensure fast setup and connection.