Protection from DDoS attacks

DDoS is an attempt to exhaust the resources of the server, network, or website, so that users can not access the resource itself. DDoS protection automatically detects and mitigates attacks that are aimed towards the website hosting and server. Every year the definition of DDoS attacks continues to become more complicated. Cyber criminals use a combination of very large attacks,as well as, more subtle and hard to detect injections. Our DDoS protection system will save your resource and your data using Arbor, Juniper and more.

By purchasing the DDoS protection you receive

Protection from DDoS attacks

Protection against all types of attacks up to 1.2 TBps or 500mpps.

Layer 3, 4 and 7 protection

The system automatically blocks layer 3, 4 and 7 attacks (attacks on apps and websites that work through the HTTP and HTTPS protocols).

Unlimited traffic

Completely unlimited traffic. There are no restrictions of all tariff plans regarding the amount of traffic that is used.

Protect encrypted traffic

Protected HTTPS traffic is filtered in real time, without any sort of blockings by the IP-address, in particular at the app level (Layer 7).

Quick fix

Our DDoS protection system will automatically detect and block any attack in less than a few milliseconds.

The protected network of IP addresses

In our possession we have a large number of protected IP networks of various sizes that are not subject to DDoS attacks.

DDoS protection is suitable for everyone

DDoS protection does not create an additional load on the server or the traffic. Our system will constantly detect DDoS attacks, and recognition of them will constantly improve. After the discovering the dynamic attack, protection from DDoS will immediately come into action and will filter it out. The system traffic of the DDoS attacks usually do not affect your traffic because of its dynamic method of mitigating attacks.

DDoS protection service

We provide with professional protection against DDoS attacks of various types. Our service is able to protect your website, game server or any other TCP/UDP service from DDoS attacks. Remote filtering allows you to fully filter out all types of DDOS attacks, with a capacity of up to 1.2 TBps, which allows us to offer our customers a high level service. The connection of the service itself, will take only a couple of minutes.

By the method of impact these types of DDoS attacks can be distinguished:
Network layer (Layer 3.4) DDoS attacks, which affect the health of server hardware, limit or harm the software operation due to Protocol vulnerabilities.
DDoS attacks at the app level (Layer 7), which make an attack onto the “weak” places of the resource, work purposefully, have a difference in the minimum consumption of resources, predominate in number and require complex counteraction, as well as large financial costs.

Secure hosting Hosting with DDoS protection, a modern website should be protected from DDoS attacks.
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VDS protected Protected VPS/VDS from DDoS attacks is ideal for a growing project.
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Secure dedicated servers We will provide with reliable protection of your dedicated server from DDoS attacks.
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Secure network DDoS protection of your network, automatic detection and filtering of the traffic on your network.
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Blocking any type of IP attack

  • Protection of the vulnerabilities of the protocols
    Protection against IP spoofing, LAND, Fraggle, Smurf, WinNuke, Ping of Death, Tear Drop, and IP Option, attacks by IP fragment management packets, and attacks by large, forwarded, and unreachable ICMP packets.
  • Protection against network type attacks
    ЗProtection against blockages on the level of SYN, ACK Flood, SYN-ACK flood, FIN/ RST flood, TCP fragment Flood, UDP Fragment flood, NTP flood, ICMP flood, TCP Connection Flood, Sockstress, TCP Retransmission and TCP Null Connection attacks.
  • Protection against scanning and sniffing attacks
    Protection against address and port scanning, attacks of Tracert packets, IP Option, IP 
  • timestamp, and IP routing recordings.
  • Protection from DNS attacks
    Protection against DNS Query Flood attacks from real or fake IP address sources, DNS Reply Flood attack, DNS Cache Poisoning attacks, DNS Protocol vulnerability attacks and DNS Reflection attacks.
  • Blocking botnet traffic
    Block traffic of botnets, active zombies, Trojan horses, worms and tools such as LOIC, HOIC, Slowloris, Pyloris, HttpDosTool, Slowhttptest, Thc-ssl-dos, YoyoDDOS, IMDDOS, Puppet, Storm, fengyun, AladinDDoS, etc. As well as C&C DNS traffic blocking requests.
  • DHCP server protection
    Protection against DHCP Flood attacks.
  • Protection from web attacks
  • Protection against HTTP Get Flood, HTTP POST Flood, HTTP Head Flood, HTTP Slow Header Flood, HTTP, Slow Post Flood, HTTPS Flood, and SSL DOS/DDoS attacks.
  • Functional blacklist filtering
    Field filtering HTTP/DNS/SIP/DHCP, field and functional filtering of IP/TCP/UDP/ICMP and other protocols.
  • Protection against mobile attacks
    Protection against DDoS attacks launched by mobile botnets, such as AnDOSid/WebLOIC/Android.DDoS.1.origin.
  • SIP app protection
    The resistance to clogging of the SIP methods.

The map of cyber attacks

High-performance and volume cleaning

The current system is one of the largest data centers in Europe with a capacity of up to 1.2 Mbit/s to protect users from large DDoS attacks such as SYN Flood and DNS amplification. Over the past 12 months, 600 Gps + loT Has been protected against numerous attacks, making this protection system one of the largest in Europe. In addition to that, these high-volume attacks, protection against attacks at the level of 40 Gbit/s was made.

Although, in addition to the power, it also requires high performance for filtering attack of the 7th level and support of the actual completed delay in general for all users. Because of the ultra-fast hardware cleanup environment known as the “DDoS protection cloud”, DDoS cleanup covers the entire infrastructure. Therefore, cleaning will not be carried out by a single panel, but by many routers and switches that will work as one system and will provide with the best delay.